8 Tips for Introducing Music to Babies

Getting your baby interested in music shouldn’t be difficult. But in case you are running short on ideas as to how you can help your baby explore its love of music and get the most out of it, here are some tips.

  1. Let them join in: When you’re singing along with your baby, pause occasionally to give them a chance to try to sing along (source).

  2. Incorporate instruments whenever you can: Whether it’s a baby piano with four buttons or even just a variety of rattles with different sounds, encourage your baby to shake or touch the instrument and see what happens. Show them how the instruments work by playing them yourself.

  3. Make sure to add in music at bedtime: This is a natural time to get your baby to enjoy some soft music — it will be calming for the both of you. It’s a great way to wind down for the night by making sure you sing to your child and get plenty of snuggles.

  4. Introduce a variety of music: While lullabies are great, don’t forget to play your baby some upbeat music sometimes during the day. They’ll like hearing new songs as well as their favorites.

  5. Throw some rhymes in there: Babies notice rhymes just as much as they do the rhythm of a song. A good way to introduce rhymes is by singing your favorite nursery rhyme.

  6. Watch their reaction: Look for cues about how your baby is enjoying any new music you introduce them to (source). Do they smile or seem to be intently concentrating on what they are hearing? Do they seem less than pleased with your song selection?

  7. Interact: Make sure you’re interacting with your baby while the music is playing. Half the fun of introducing songs to your baby is seeing their reaction and getting to bond with them in that moment. Don’t be so busy with your everyday chores and duties that you miss this special time.

  8. Let your movements capture their attention: Music gives us the perfect background to act silly. So march around the room in a highly-exaggerated motion, clap your hands, and snap your fingers.Your baby will get a kick out of the music and your goofiness.

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May 22, 2018 — admin