I asked and Instagram answered.

I’ve been putting off preparing my hospital bag as I really want to have a home birth but I know that I’ve got to have a hospital bag ready and packed as who knows what labour will have in store for me this time.
I asked for help over on the gram and was overwhelmed at the response. Seeing as I had all the ingredients of the best hospital bag ever, then I needed to share it!
The ultimate hospital bag - written by mums

  • Baby hat

  • Nappies – take a 2 packs with you in 2 different sizes as you never know how big or small baby will be.

  • Bodysuits – babies need to be really snug and warm.

  • Sleep suits - with mitts for ease.

  • Muslins – take a whole bundle, as you never know what you’ll need to clean up and also how long you’ll be in the hospital for.

  • Scratch mitts – just a pair or too to protect their little face.

  • Cotton wool pads

  • Water wipes

  • Coconut / olive oil (for skin)

  • Going home outfit – something special to wrap them up in as it is such a special moment!

  • Cellular blanket to keep them warm.

  • Snowsuit for the journey home (depending on the time of year)

For Mum

  • Medical folder or maternity notes.

  • Lucozade / isotonic drinks to keep your energy levels up during labour.

  • Snacks / chewing gum

  • Water bottle with straw – to keep hydrated during labour

  • Water spray – labour wards can be really warm!

  • Phone charger

  • Lip balm

  • Big knickers and loads of them!

  • Nursing bras

  • Tena lady / maternity pads

  • Breast pads / nipple cream

  • Squeezy water bottle – so you can help relieve the stinging when you first go for a wee or poo.

  • A dressing gown

  • A towel

  • Night shirt – something with easy access to the boobs as they’re in and out non-stop

  • Slippers

  • Flip flops – to wear in the showers / toilets.

  • Refreshing face wipes

  • A hair brush / make-up / hair bands

  • Travel sized shampoo and conditioner / dry shampoo – you never know how long you’ll be away from home.

  • Clothes to wear home

  • Change for the car park!

  • Car seat - put it in the car as early as you can so you know how it fits in.

I hope this helps! I know mine is all sorted now :)
Love Lucy x
March 15, 2018 — admin