Put your positive pants on

This can be hard sometimes in an age where we live our lives out online; a space which is highly edited, curated snippets of the best parts of our lives. It is often said that you shouldn’t follow anyone online that doesn’t make you feel great and this has been something that I’ve tried to implement recently.
I’m definitely not telling you who you should follow but I think it’s worth highlighting some amazing accounts that dedicate their time to positivity, freedom from comparison and general good vibes. Check out their feeds to see if they fill your cup just a little and put a smile on your face today!

  1. The Happy Newspaper

Every single day there are people helping others and doing incredible things in all corners of the planet and the majority of them aren't celebrated, but we think they deserve to be recognised. The Happy Newspaper aims to bring a refreshing twist on what we typically know as 'news', reporting on positive changes and truly inspiring people.
2. Positively Present
Living a "positively present" life means in the moment while focusing on the positive in every situation— and that's exactly what Positively Present strives to help you do. Though many of us try to, it's impossible to live happily in the past or in the future. And if the now is all we have, why not make this moment a positive experience? Posts on Positively Present strive to support the idea that life is best lived if it's lived right now with a positive attitudeBe positive. Be present. This is your life.
3. Lucy Sheridan - The Comparison Coach
Lucy is the world's only comparison coach. Screw comparison! Be less ‘them’ & more you. Follow her feed for daily expert advice to help you find your inner peace and go after your own success.
4. Gemma - Mutha Hood 
Gemma's account is an amazing source of giggles and positivity. Muthahood is a female owned business, with the main aim of empowering women through positive, strong and meaningful merch. Everyone needs a tribe of good, strong people around them and Gemma has formed the mightiest of tribes!
5. Bunny Michael
This account is incredible for reshaping the words that you say to your self. Those words that creep in during moments of doubt. These become mantras with the sole purpose of realising how great you are!
Have a great day folks!
Love Lucy x
September 21, 2018 — admin