Celebrating with an extra sprinkle of magic.
We're on to Round 2 of lockdown birthdays in our house so I'm going all in, because I'll be damned if this virus is taking anymore joy out of our lives! It's my son's 3rd birthday and whilst Dinosaurs were a top option, I consulted with my chief party planner, my 5 year old daughter and we agreed that we all deserve to be magicians for the day.
With the help of our friend's from The Box Party, we have chosen:

  1. Magic rabbit in a hat cake plates and magic card napkins to set the scene

A Magic Party kids plates

2. Super cute magic cups along with gold confetti straws

3. Sparkly garland to create a magical backdrop, we've mixed and matched our to re-create this Meri Meri garland that's available later in the Spring.
magic garland Meri meri

4. Super cute party hats and magic wands to mark the occasion!

5. And finally for the magic tricks!
Party games have never been my strong game but with the use of Pinterest, I've found some lovely games to play at home!

  • The frozen treat game. Freeze little toys in an ice cube tray and they have to excavate them!

  • Pass the parcel - for sure!

  • An outside scavenger hunt

  • My kids are obsessed with Escape Rooms so we'll attempt one!

For loads more easy party games have a look here!
Celebrating with an extra sprinkle of magic for kids
March 22, 2021 — admin