The journey from pre-school to infants school marks a significant milestone for both parents and young children. As your little one takes their first steps into formal education, it's natural to have a mix of excitement and apprehension. In this blog post, we'll guide you through practical steps and tips to ensure a smooth transition for your pre-schooler as they embark on their new adventure at infants school in the UK.

**1. Lay the Foundation of Positivity:**
Long before the first day arrives, begin talking about infants school with enthusiasm. Share stories of learning, new friends, and exciting activities. This positive outlook will help your child look forward to the experience.

**2. Visit the School Together:**
Plan visits to the infants school before the term begins. Familiarize your child with the surroundings, classrooms, and play areas. This will help ease any anxiety and make the school environment feel more welcoming.

**3. Establish a Routine:**
Transitioning from the relaxed schedule of pre-school to the structure of school can be a challenge. Gradually adjust your child's routine a few weeks before term starts. Regular meal times, bedtimes, and waking up routines will help them adapt smoothly.

**4. Introduce Basic Self-Care Skills:**
Encourage your child to practice basic self-care skills, such as using the restroom, dressing themselves, and opening their lunchbox. These skills foster independence and boost their confidence.

**5. Foster Social Skills:**
Help your child develop essential social skills by arranging playdates with other children who will be attending the same school. This will create a sense of familiarity and camaraderie when they start.

**6. Read Books About Starting School:**
Choose age-appropriate books that explore the theme of starting school. Reading these stories together can help your child understand the transition and relate to characters who are embarking on similar journeys.

**7. Label Personal Belongings:**
Label your child's belongings, from backpacks to water bottles. This simple step can prevent mix-ups and help your child feel a sense of ownership over their items.

**8. Encourage Open Communication:**
Create an open space for your child to share their feelings and concerns about starting school. Address any worries they might have with empathy and reassurance.

**9. Practice Independence Skills:**
Teach your child practical skills, such as how to put on their coat, tie shoelaces, and open snack containers. These small victories will make them feel more capable and confident.

**10. Celebrate Milestones:**
Mark the journey with special milestones, like shopping for school supplies or picking out a new backpack. Celebrating each step reinforces the excitement and positivity of this new phase.

Transitioning your pre-schooler to their first term at infants school is a significant moment in both your lives. By fostering a positive attitude, creating a routine, and nurturing their independence, you're empowering them to embrace this new chapter with confidence. Remember, you are your child's most important source of support and encouragement. As they take those first steps through the school gates, know that you've prepared them well for this exciting adventure in education.
August 29, 2023 — Lucy Estherby